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I grew up in Ketchikan, Alaska, and I love the rainforested islands of the Alexander Archipelago. For four years, I spent most of my time in Washington, D.C., where I attended Georgetown University and graduated in May 2013. Afterward, I returned home to Ketchikan and began a career in teaching. I currently teach social studies and mathematics with a wonderfully rewarding secondary program called Tribal Scholars. I also teach classes at Ketchikan High School, and coach the school's Academic Decathlon team.

There's much more to describe about myself than I could possibly write here, so I'd suggest that you take a look around my blog. I write about anything, from current events and history to entertainment and personal minutiae. (See the archive of posts or the labels in the sidebar for a start.) In a way, the most holistic "about me" there might be ends up being the blog itself.

me at the top of a mountain, some miles north of Ketchikan
Note that I also have three tabs near the top of the blog dedicated to three different homes in my life: Ketchikan, Washington, and Strasbourg. I lived in Hong Kong for three years as well, but I was just a toddler then.

My contact information is available either on my Google+ profile, accessible in the sidebar when you click "Peter Stanton," or on my Google Sites "homepage" here: https://sites.google.com/site/alaskanhoyahistorian/. Please also check out my new blog Teaching in Lingít Aaní, which pertains to my experiences as a teacher.


  1. Hello Peter, I thank you for this review of my map. Would you be interested in reviewing my Canadian map? Thanks! Here is the link!:


    1. Hey Aaron: It took me quite a while, but I did get around to reviewing your map. http://peterstanton.blogspot.com/2014/02/mapping-indigenous-autonyms-in-canada.html

  2. It's so rare and satisfying to see an 'about me' page that is not written in self-congratulatory, alter adorning 3rd-person. Thank you!


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